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Why the Why is what matters

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Remember when a parent told you to do something and you asked repeatedly, "Why?" Ok, that was clearly annoying, and probably eventually you heard.... "Because I said so." But, your instinct was purely on-point. We need to know why before we do something. In the theater, one's character derives from one's "motivation." In nonprofit and philanthropic circles, and increasingly in business, it's what fuels the work we do. It's what can attract and retain top talent. It's what connects new donors, customers, and investors. Multiple whys are naturally behind what we do, but the singular Why based upon a bigger purpose is what inspires. And what inspires is what can really makes things happen. Small and big behavioral choices. Social change. To underscore Simon Sinek: Start with the Why. Author Daniel Pink is among the many who point to the critical link between one's personal motivation and drive, and one's purpose. Purpose is the why that is larger than ourselves. It's not the me. It's the we. Define it. Grow it. Live it.

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